LA- Gestalt Theory

Define the Gestalt Theory in your own words.

– We see the whole picture before the small parts, our brain tries to make patterns from what we see and fills in the gaps. In this way, we are excellent in recognizing differences and similarities. When you are able to see the whole picture instead of the parts that have been used to create something, then the Gestalt principle has been used well.


Page through a magazine or newspaper or browse the Internet and find a different logo for each of the Gestalt principles. Explain in your own words, which logos are showing which principles, motivate your answer.

The eye want’s to create shapes out of different forms to create an image that makes sence to the brain. This is why we can see an A in this logo, cause we close the shape so it would look familiar to us.



Adidas has used the same shape in all of their logo design, it is just different in size, and this gives the eye the illution of creating a whoe other shape of the singel shapes used.




Symmetry: The logo looks exactly the same if you fold it in half.


Figure ground
Figure Ground: In this logo, the shadows between the F and the red flags creates a 1 symbole. This gives this logo a figure ground affect.


The arrow moves through the logo and makes the eye follow it in a continuas line, giving the illustration that it keeps moving.


common fate
Common fate: All of the circles looks like they are moving the same way, and our brain links them together in one form.


The eye could see circles, but to give it meening it simplifies the circles and creates one form wich in this case is the Walkman logo.


They have used the same shapes to create a globe wich symbolizes the Earth in their logo.


The “C” is duplicated and flipped. This is attractive to the eye.




Find examples of four themes of thinking, and explain your choices.

white space
White Space: Brings focus only on the product displayed, this makes the design stronger and direct to the target audience.


tim tody
There are a lot of different ways of getting to the same finish line. Don’t be so focust on your own idea (and that it is the only way of doing things) that you don’t see others trying to do the same way.


ockham's razor
Ockham’s Razor: Do it simple. Why have multiple devices to do the same thing as one device can?


Keep the design simple and clear so that there are no confusion about what you want to point out.




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